About Me

Hello, and welcome to this blog. My name is Paul Martin, and i work as a freelance TV Cameraman for many of the UK broadcasters, covering daily news, sports, and features as well as the odd Documentary or two. You can visit my website, Media Attention Ltd, HERE. And my work blog, Media Attention, HERE.

For the Social Media types, i can be found on twitter as @ukcameraman HERE. And as @hampshiretravel HERE.

This is me as i usually look on a day to day basis ....

So if you see me out and about in Hampshire filming, please treat me kindly and a cup of tea never goes amiss. I guess that the main reason i have started this blog is because i get to see an awful lot of the south of England, mainly in Hampshire and the surrounding counties. I travel to the big places that everyone knows, but i also visit the smaller, out of the way places that many people don't get to hear about, and it it those places that i wish to concentrate on.

The people i meet and the places i visit never cease to amaze me with differing stories and the sights and sounds of them sometimes stick in the mind for long periods of time. Eventually the memories fade, so i have decided to log them down here in words, pictures, sound and sometimes video, to remind me of those people and places that i have visited.

I really do enjoy getting around the county of Hampshire in particular, whatever the weather, and spend a lot of my spare time walking or driving around Hampshire with nothing better to do than see what is at the end of the road, or just around the corner. You would be surprised at what i find.

So, i have decided to share these experiences with you, the reader as i head on out on my next day off, out into the Hampshire countryside and beyond to see who or what i can find.

I hope that you all enjoy the results .....