Sunday, 6 March 2011

Winchester Cathedral.

Occasionally, my work takes me to some places that many people pay good money to experience. Today was one of those days when I had the great pleasure to be able to wander around Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire. Built nearly 1000 years ago, you cannot fail to be impressed with the vastness of the inside of the building. It makes you wonder where their inspiration and knowledge at that time came from.

Winchester Cathedral

Inside Winchester Cathedral

Wherever you stand there is a wealth of history from the very beginnings of the building to latter day inscriptions and statues dating to only a few hundred years ago. Even under your feet you will find stone slabs inscribed with Latin, covering the tombs of long dead generals, clergy, and other notable dignitaries worthy of burial within this holiest of holies.

Latin Inscriptions

It astounds me at every turn, just how much work went into the creation of not only the Cathedral itself, but the memorials and other beautiful surroundings within the building. Stonemasons, carpenters and artisans have spent many hundreds of years creating what can only be described as a stunning memorial to humanity in the county of Hampshire and beyond.

Elaborate Clergy Tomb

Stained Glass Window

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to do a little bit more exploration, and maybe to speak to someone a little more knowledgeable on the history and people behind the Cathedrals creation. But I urge you to one day, set aside a little time to see it. You will be glad that you did.

Paul Martin